Blockchain Infrastructure Group invests in tomorrows winners of Blockchain related technologies

our philosophy

Our company is defined by a global vision of acting as a catalyst in the exciting new world of Blockchain.

We do this by both enabling ambitious early stage companies to thrive through our investments, and also by educating companies and the public to better understand and utilise the many advantages of Blockchain technology.

With a dynamic network of international expert conduits and other top investors in the space, BIG will flourish by both building a diversified investment portfolio and bringing industry-specific value-add resources to its portfolio companies.

Within the next few years, we envision Blockchain technology as having an established, responsibly managed and impactful role in the global economy.

our strategy

We developed an investment strategy carefully tailored to the opportunities and pitfalls of the emerging Blockchain industry.

Our close relationship with experienced Blockchain developers often allows us to examine and test the products prior to investing. Paired with a rigorous, proprietary due diligence procedure, this allows us to manage risk as effectively as possible.

BIG’s primary focus is on B2B projects that utilise ‘Blockchain as a Service’ (BaaS) generating cash flow through utilising the incredible advantages of this technology.

We participate in all verticals within the Blockchain sector, and are not limited by geographical region.